What Our Clients Are Saying


Blake Stratton (Abundance Marketer)

“In the past, getting my photos taken was about as fun as a root canal, only more awkward. But Trent & Morgan made me feel right at home. I’ve never felt so relaxed and comfortable in a photo shoot.

Having legit photos for my business has been a big confidence boost for me. I immediately put Trent’s photos on my website, because of how much it helps my credibility with prospective clients.”

Melanie Tomczak

"Hands down one of my favorite (and incredibly FUN) photographers in Nashville! Working with you and Morgan was the best experience ever. You both are absolutely amazing! You made it easy and fun… thank you.”

Shelby Rollins

"It was a big deal to feel even remotely comfortable in a photo shoot and I so appreciate you and Morgan for creating that atmosphere. Ya’ll are a great team and your work is beautiful!"

Westin Wax (Wax Eloquent Creative)

“It’s great to have someone that you feel supremely confident in.”

Abigail Wennerstrom (Ink + Honey)

 "This amazing video is one of my favorite things to come out of our rebranding process..."